About Us

We distribute consumer electronic, computer equipment, accessories, and networking products to 3000 customers in over 14 countries. We serve the Latin American and Caribbean consumer electronic and IT products markets. We operate as a Miami-based distribution company, with business partners working hand to hand through out the whole Latin America Region.

  • As a Miami-based distribution company, we sell primarily to:
    • Third-party distributors, resellers and retailers of consumer electronics and IT products based in Latin America and the Caribbean where we do not have a local presence.
    • Key business partners in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay

Our Miami Operation

Our Miami headquarters are located in Miami, Florida, USA, near the Port of Miami and Miami International Airport. The location of our headquarters helps to facilitate access to the area’s air and container-cargo networks. The facility integrates executives, warehousing, purchasing, sales, marketing, credit, and finance in one unit, in order to facilitate our supply chain management strategies. Our headquarter facility serves as the main sales and distribution operations to accommodate our planned, continued growth and expansion in the Latin American and the Caribbean marketplace.

Our Miami operations supply in-country sales and distribution operations in 14 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and our sales offices in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Panama and Uruguay. Our Miami operations handle the products shipped directly to our in-country operations that we acquire from vendors. Our Miami operations sell products directly to third-party distributor, reseller and retailer customers located in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, who sell and distribute products throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Our Miami sales department handles our distributor, reseller and retailer relationships and contracts with third-party customers. We believe our diverse customer based will allow us to maintain a strong pace of organic growth in our target markets, driven by attractive market share expansion opportunities and growth.

Mission Statement

3G is committed to the following:

To offer all of our business partners and employees an unsurpassed level professionalism and integrity throughout all of our business relationships and interactions, always stressing an environment of creativity, responsibility, and productivity. Offer an excellent work atmosphere treating people with dignity and respect, embracing diversity as a core value in our company.


What does 3G do?
3G is a United States-based value-added distributor of consumer and IT products to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Where is 3G incorporated?
3G is incorporated in the state of Florida.

Where is 3G located?
3G headquarters and principal executive offices are located at:
1601 North Miami Avenue
Miami, Florida 33136.

Telephone:(786) 888.2200.